Sponsoring and Product Placement

Evaluation of sponsoring companies’ activities in the areas of sport, culture, science and technology, and ecology and social, product place-ment in TV series and movies.

Our published research studies deal with:

The WI.SO Research Institute can draw on a pool of economists, sociologists, political scientists and psychologists, to build an interdisciplinary team of researchers and consultants with a great wealth of knowledge and practical experience. The Institute has a well-equipped CATI facility with a team of interviewers which is centralised and under the permanent control of the fieldwork manager. This team regularly conducts both representative studies and those geared to specific target groups, right across Switzerland - including the French and Italian speaking regions. Besides personal interviews, other methods of empirical research are used on their own or in combination, such as mail surveys, observation, systematic content analysis, group discussions (focus groups), expert interviews, in-depth interviews. The collated data is processed on our in-house computer systems. We use the PC+ version of the SPSS package for sophisticated statistical analysis.

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Reprint Nr. 3/93 Fr. 35.- E-Mail

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